Roger Gray

Roger Gray has worked at moving words around in one form or another for over 15 years. He now works for a company that specializes in film memorabilia and prop replicas as well as being one of the editorial staff at New Worlds. He is married and lives in East London.

Nonfiction by Roger Gray

Why the Internet hates me: Confessions of a middle aged Brony.

Hello my name is ***** and I’m a Brony.

The reference to the 12-step programme here is deliberate and chosen with care. Without wanting to equate the pleasure of watching a TV show aimed at little girls with the horrors of alcoholism there are similarities between AA and being a Brony, but before we go into the why and wherefores lets talk about what a Brony is.

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Serpent girl!

A novella from Ray Garton that whips along!

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Where's there's junk, there's life!

80% of you IS useful after all!



Free Dredd issue.

Brian Aldiss interview

Atomic Bark!

A radio interview with Brian Aldiss

Wednesday 13th March, 9-10pm (GMT) on Resonance 104.4 FM /

The first results from Plank!

The first results of the most detailed mapping of the cosmic microwave background as carrid out by the Plank mission.