Felix Jude West

Felix Jude West has worked in film for over five years. Having trained in sound design, he has worked as a writer for documentary shorts and produced internet advertisments and short films over the past two years. He is currently working as a freelance producer and director as well as being part of the editorial staff at New Worlds. He lives in East London.

Reviews by Felix Jude West

Neal Asher's Cormac Series

If you want a series of intelligent space romps with spectacular vision and fucking awful animal life, then look no further.

News by Felix Jude West

Heisenberg is a Little More Sure

Greater degrees of accuracy in experimentation have shown that the level of uncertainty in Heisenberg's 1925 theory of quantum dynamics may not be as great as previously thought.

Planet Illuminated by four stars discovered

Incredibly rare discovery made by volunteers of exoplanet over 5,000 lights away

Google threatens French Media companies with Expulsion from Search Results

As France consider passing a law forcing search engines to pay for content, the American internet giant begins to throw its weight around.